Tuis » Gewild » Amazon Web Services Inc. sal nuwe werkstrome vir wolke vir die skepping van inhoud ten toon stel by IBC 2019

Amazon Web Services Inc. sal nuwe werkstrome vir wolke vir die skepping van inhoud ten toon stel by IBC 2019


With any media company, then effective and highly personalized content creation is always an essential factor in order to market itself in a sophisticated fashion. IBC 2019 is rapidly approaching, and media companies across the world will be able to create, produce, and deliver faster content anywhere and everywhere thanks to AWS (Amazon Web Services Inc). This year at IBC 2019, AWS will showcase technological advances specifically designed to streamline the highest-quality content creation and enable the delivery of more advanced AI-based machine learning workflows that focus on captioning, personalization, and compliance. These demonstrations will show customers how they can efficiently develop better content, deploy new offerings, streamline backend processes with automation, protect, store, and manage assets with less overhead inconsistencies.

AWS IBC 2019 Exhibits

Several of AWS’s demonstrations at IBC 2019 will include:

Next-Generation Encoding And Video Processing

This solution will demonstrate the latest video encoding and processing technologies for live and on-demand content such as:

  • AV1 Video Compression
  • Content-Aware Encoding
  • Common Media Application Format
  • Quality-Defined Variable Bit Rate Control Future-Proofing The Technology Investment

Unified Headend In The Cloud

This more traditional OTT video workflow will work to deliver live content to and from the cloud while equally supporting the operational agility and reduced infrastructural costs.

Media-To-Cloud Migration

As an AWS solution, Media-To-Cloud Migration will allow for a more simplified migration of content archives into the cloud with built-in metadata tools that enhance content searching and asset management with services that include:

Studio In The Cloud For Animation, VFX, And Editing

This AWS solution will showcase a creative studio in the cloud that allows for the global collaboration of animation and VFXpost-production professionals. From this group effort, professionals will create digital content with a greater range of agility and flexibility in scaling and rendering resources, virtual workstations, and data storage globally with solutions that will include:

Ultra-Low Latency Live Video

In this solution, AWS Elemental MediaStore en Amazon Cloud Front will anchor a live streaming video workflow that provides chunked CMAF encoding to acquire sub-three-second latency from the camera to device.

Source-To-Screen Live OTT Streaming

This direct-to-viewer AWS solution will deliver over-the-top and resilient (OTT) video delivery, and end-to-end live streaming workflows.

Serverless Channel Creation

Here AWS will introduce a unique approach to channel building, personalized programming, and advertising with personalized ad solutions such as AWS Elemental MediaTailor en Amazon Personalize.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Solutions

These production-ready solutions will provide automated content preparation for compliance, moderation and regional localization. Additional features to be included in these solutions will be real-time transcription, caption creation, and dubbed multi-language subtitling.

Secure Video Transport

deur AWS Elemental MediaConnect, this solution will unlock new content syndication strategies, which will enable users to easily transport, monetize, and distribute high-quality live video to, from, and through the cloud.

Registreer nou IBC 2019. It will be held at the RAI Amsterdam convention center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on September 13-17, 2019, and AWS will be held at staan ​​5.C80. To learn more about AWS, and how it provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies, and governments then check out